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What to Know About the STD?

What to Know About the STD?

If you feel itching or burning in your most sensitive areas, you may suspect you have a sexually transmitted disease (STD.) Here’s what you should do.
Nov 2nd, 2023
The Importance of a Well-Woman Exam

The Importance of a Well-Woman Exam

Getting an annual well-woman exam is a must for every woman and it’s affordable. Learn more about why you should make it a priority to get this exam.
Jul 2nd, 2023

4 Benefits of Telemedicine

Telemedicine offers many benefits without the inconvenience of having to see a doctor in person. Learn more about the reasons telemedicine is a good option.
Jun 1st, 2023
Signs That Labor is Starting

Signs That Labor is Starting

Is this your first baby? Do you know what to expect? You’ve waited all through your entire pregnancy for the moment when labor begins. Here are the signs to help you recognize when it’s starting.
Feb 1st, 2023
5 Facts about HIV in Women

5 Facts about HIV in Women

Women are twice as likely to contract HIV than men. In honor of World AIDS Day on December 1, we want to share these facts about how HIV affects women. Learn more about why you should protect yourself.
Dec 1st, 2022
Encouraging Facts About Breast Cancer

Encouraging Facts About Breast Cancer

Cancer is a word that causes a host of bad emotions and feelings. Getting diagnosed with breast cancer may feel scary, but you have several reasons to maintain hope. Here are some encouraging facts about breast cancer treatments and more.
Oct 1st, 2022
What Happens at a Mammogram?

What Happens at a Mammogram?

Certain scans are important for female health. If you’ve never had a mammogram, you may feel scared. But you don’t have to feel worried. Learn more about what happens at a mammogram.
Aug 1st, 2022
What Should I Do If I Have Abnormal Bleeding?

What Should I Do If I Have Abnormal Bleeding?

Abnormal bleeding is a relatively common problem for women, but it always warrants further exploration. Learn more about the possible causes of abnormal bleeding and when you may need medical treatment.
May 1st, 2022
Do Female Condoms Really Work?

Do Female Condoms Really Work?

If you’re looking for contraceptive alternatives, you might wonder if the female condom is a viable option. Learn more about the effectiveness of female condoms and if this form of contraceptive is right for you.
Apr 1st, 2022
Common STDs and How to Prevent Them

Common STDs and How to Prevent Them

Sexually transmitted diseases are very common, but fortunately, most of them are preventable. Learn more about common STDs and how to prevent them.
Feb 1st, 2022
All About Fertility Testing

All About Fertility Testing

If you’re having difficulty conceiving a child, you may be interested in how to get fertility help. Learn more about the facts of fertility testing and how it may help you start your own family.
Jan 1st, 2022
How to Manage Herpes Flare-Ups

How to Manage Herpes Flare-Ups

Over 1 in 6 people have Herpes, making it a very common sexually transmitted infection, or STI. It can flare up periodically, causing problems. Learn more about how to manage when your herpes flares up.
Dec 1st, 2021
Giving Birth Abroad in the U.S.: What to Expect

Giving Birth Abroad in the U.S.: What to Expect

Giving birth in a strange place can be bewildering and even frightening. When you give birth in the U.S., your child is automatically granted American citizenship. But there are some things you need to know, especially about the costs.
Nov 1st, 2021
5 Encouraging Facts About Mammograms

5 Encouraging Facts About Mammograms

Getting a mammogram is an important screening tool for breast cancer. You don’t need to be nervous about it. Learn more about these five encouraging facts about mammograms and why you should not neglect this exam.
Oct 1st, 2021
Myths and Facts About Birth Control

Myths and Facts About Birth Control

Birth control can be an effective means of preventing pregnancy but only when you use it correctly. Learn more about the facts about birth control.
Sep 1st, 2021
Tips for Prepping for Delivery

Tips for Prepping for Delivery

You’ve spent the past nine months of pregnancy getting ready to give birth. Learn more about preparing for delivery.
Aug 9th, 2021

Adjusting to Life With Menopause

Menopause brings an end to your monthly period but often brings some new discomforts. Learn more about how you can adjust to life after this natural, but sometimes difficult, change.
Jun 14th, 2021

Who Needs to Be Tested for STDs?

Getting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) is a potential risk of being sexually active, and certain behaviors can make it more likely you could contract an infection. Learn more about who needs to be tested for STDs.
Feb 18th, 2021

Five Tips to Support Your Cervical Health

Your cervical health is important to monitor because changes to your cervix can indicate signs of cervical cancer. Fortunately, this is often preventable, so taking the right precautions can protect you.
Jan 1st, 2021

Navigating a Pregnancy with Diabetes

Managing diabetes when you’re pregnant is challenging but maintaining good blood sugar control can avoid many problems. We’re here to help you from preconception forward.
Nov 1st, 2020

What Every Woman Should Know About Breast Cancer

Other than skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer that affects women. When detected early, the outcomes are usually very good. Learn more about breast cancer from our expert OB/GYN.
Oct 1st, 2020

Breastfeeding: Is It Right for You and Your Baby?

Experts say breastfeeding is the healthiest choice for babies, but there are some instances in which it might not be right for you and your baby. Learn more about the pros and cons of making this very personal decision.
Sep 22nd, 2020

When Should I Start Getting Mammograms?

Breast cancer can be a serious risk to your health, but early detection through mammograms can detect cancer before it becomes life-threatening. If you’re wondering when to get your first mammogram, here’s what you need to know.
Aug 13th, 2020

Who Should Have Group B Strep Testing?

Group B strep is a very common strain of bacteria that can become dangerous to your baby during childbirth. Learn how to know if you have it and how we can protect your baby.
Jul 15th, 2020

Breastfeeding and Coronavirus

Breastfeeding is the healthiest option for babies. In light of the coronavirus, many moms are wondering if they should still breastfeed, especially if they contract the virus.
Jun 9th, 2020

Pregnancy & COVID-19

In the best of times, pregnancy comes with concerns. During the COVID-19 pandemic, pregnant women may have added questions and risks. Here’s what you should know about pregnancy and the pandemic.
Apr 17th, 2020
Endometriosis is a pain in the gut.

How to Manage Your Endometriosis on a Daily Basis

Endometriosis is a chronic, often-painful condition that can really have a negative impact on your quality of life. Learn more about the treatments you can use to help you manage your endometriosis.
Mar 5th, 2020

Tighten Your Pelvic Floor With a Kegel Exercise Machine

You’ve heard that Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor and the muscles that have weakened due to aging or pregnancy. But these moves aren’t always easy to do on your own. The assistance of a machine makes Kegels simple and effective.
Jan 1st, 2020

I'm Pregnant. How Do I Know if My Pregnancy is High Risk?

Pregnancy is an exciting time but can be stressful for women who are deemed “high risk.” Some pregnancies start out as high risk; others develop during the course of the nine months. Find out what is considered high risk and how you can prevent it.
Nov 22nd, 2019

Not Pregnant Yet? When to Seek Help

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while to no avail, you may be wondering if it’s finally time to seek help. Learn what you should do before you see a doctor, and when to hand it over to a specialist.
Oct 8th, 2019
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How Much Weight Should You Gain During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time in your life when it’s important (and healthy) to gain weight. But how much should you gain? When should you gain it? And what should you eat? Find out what to expect when it comes to pregnancy weight gain.
Sep 18th, 2019

Telehealth: The Advantages of Telemedicine

Struggles to get to the clinic? Trying to reduce your exposure to COVID-19, as well as other contagious illnesses, and still need to see your doctor? Telehealth is safe and easy — receive quality care from anywhere.
Feb 20th, 2024