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Pre-Menopause & Menopause Specialist

Alan B. Patterson, M.D. -  - OB-GYN

Alan B. Patterson, M.D.

OB-GYN located in Coral Springs, FL

Menopause and perimenopause affect each woman differently. If you’re going through the change and it’s disrupting your life, Alan B. Patterson, OB/GYN provides several interventions to help make the transition much less problematic. Women in Coral Springs, Florida consistently find relief with Dr. Patterson’s custom-targeted hormone therapies. If you’re looking for a gynecologist to help you make it through menopause, call or book an appointment online.

Pre-Menopause & Menopause Q & A

What happens during perimenopause and menopause?

Perimenopause is the transitional phase leading up to menopause when your reproductive system and menstruation slow down. Your ovaries also produce less estrogen and release fewer eggs.

You reach menopause once you’ve gone a full year without a period. This natural process of aging marks the end of your reproductive ability.

What are the symptoms of menopause?

Each woman experiences the transition from perimenopause to menopause differently and for varying lengths of time, but they do tend to have some symptoms in common, including:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Painful intercourse
  • Hot flashes (which can cause insomnia)
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Depression
  • Weight gain

How do you treat the symptoms of menopause?

Although menopause is an inevitable process, Dr. Patterson can help make that transition as comfortable as possible. If menopause interferes with your everyday function and sexual health, Dr. Patterson can improve your well-being with several types of hormone therapy.  

Prescription vaginal estrogen

If your primary concern is vaginal lubrication, vaginal estrogen provides localized hormone therapy. In tablet, ring, or cream form, vaginal estrogen releases small amounts of estrogen to the vaginal tissue only.


The active ingredient in the Intrarosa® suppository is prasterone, also known as dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), which helps ease pain during sex. The vaginal insert delivers humanmade DHEA to the body, which converts it into estrogen or testosterone.

Herbal supplements

Herbal medicines, such as black cohosh and phytoestrogens, help moderate some menopause symptoms such as hot flashes and sexual side effects. Many of these plant-derived substances have estrogen-like effects on the body.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)

BHRT provides your system with hormones identical to the ones your body makes. Unlike localized vaginal estrogen, BHRT circulates your entire system to help reduce night sweats and hot flashes.

What are the benefits of menopause treatment?

Since they know it’s not a disease or disorder, many women assume they must endure menopause and any discomfort that comes along with it. Although this process is a natural part of aging, you don’t have to tolerate all the disruptions menopause causes.

Dr. Patterson uses an individualized approach to treatment, adjusting his approach to your particular needs. He can help you reclaim your intimacy, increase your sexual desire, and restore your confidence.

When administered early, treatment is much more effective at decreasing the severity of your symptoms. If you’re experiencing troubling menopause symptoms, call or book an appointment online today.