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How You Can Still Get Care Without Coming in to Our Office

The COVID-19 pandemic is unfortunately still ongoing. However, that doesn’t mean you have to put your health on hold. In fact, getting continued care is more important than ever, especially if you’re pregnant or you’re having a gynecological issue.

Telemedicine visits use the best of technology to make it possible to have virtual visits. You can get the monitoring you need and have your health concerns addressed without even having to come in to our office. Dr. Alan Patterson explains more about how you can still take care of your health even when you prefer not to visit us in person.

What is telemedicine?

With telemedicine, you use your computer or smartphone to connect with our office. The video technology allows us to see each other. Although the ability to do physical examinations is limited, we can still have conversations about the concerns that are bothering you.

You don’t need to worry about privacy concerns either, as all the HIPAA policies still safeguard your information. That means that during telemedicine visits, your health information is still protected the same way as if you were seen in the office.

Due to the pandemic, most insurance companies are covering telemedicine visits, though you may still be required to make your usual copay.

What we can treat using telemedicine

It’s understandable if telemedicine feels new and unfamiliar, as it’s definitely a change that the pandemic has created for doctors and patients all around the country. But once you log in to your telehealth appointment and see Dr. Patterson’s face on the screen, you’ll feel more comfortable.

Many of the conditions under which you would normally make an appointment to be seen in the office can actually be managed using telemedicine instead. 

Some of the conditions we can treat by telemedicine include the following:

Under appropriate circumstances, Dr. Patterson can even write prescriptions and send them to be filled at your local pharmacy.

When you still need to come to the office

Some things can’t be handled remotely and require an in-person visit. Or, sometimes a telemedicine visit reveals that you need to be seen in the office. We’re committed to making sure that office visits are as safe as possible. 

If you’re pregnant, please know that we’re still providing prenatal care, and we always want you to call if you have any type of emergency.

If you have health concerns and have been avoiding calling us due to fear of the virus, rest assured that telemedicine offers a way that you can still have a virtual visit. Call Dr. Alan Patterson today or request an appointment online.


1. We are still seeing obstetrics patients in our office to ensure that our pregnant patients are getting the care they need. If you are pregnant, please call us to book your appointment today. We are also seeing patients in our office that are having gynecological problems or emergencies.

2. Here's what we're doing to ensure the safety of our patients who come into the office for their appointments:

3. We are offering telemedicine appointments for the following conditions: yeast infections, UTIs, birth control consults, vaginitis (vaginal infections), hormone replacement therapy consults, perimenopause, menopause, amenorrhea, and abnormal periods. Please call us to determine if your need for services qualifies for a telemedicine appointment.

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