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Tips for Prepping for Delivery

Tips for Prepping for Delivery

Pregnancy is a long, exciting journey for every expectant mother. The process is nine months long, and some women even plan for their pregnancies well in advance. Now, as your delivery date nears, it’s time to start preparing for childbirth.

Whether this is your first baby or you’re a seasoned parent, labor and delivery can bring up some jitters and nerves. While you can’t guarantee that the birth will go exactly how you planned, you can do a lot to prepare. 

Our obstetrician, Dr. Alan Patterson, offers this guidance to help you prepare for delivery.

Take a childbirth class

Taking a childbirth class is always a good idea, even if it’s not your first pregnancy. The classes teach breathing techniques, pain relief options, and other means to help you handle labor. You can also find classes that teach infant CPR and the basic fundamentals of caring for a newborn.

Childbirth classes also give you the opportunity to meet other expectant parents with due dates near yours. At a time of your pregnancy when you may be naturally turning more inward, childbirth classes can provide a social outlet, in addition to offering valuable information.

Get some rest

In the months leading up to childbirth, take the opportunity to nap when you’re tired. Once you have a newborn, your sleep will be disrupted. While you can’t “save up” rest in a bank, you will feel better if you’re not sleep-deprived when you go into labor.

Create a flexible birth plan

Design a birth plan and put your plans in writing before labor begins. Some of the things you may want to include in your birth plan include:

If you’re scheduled to have a Cesarean section, you may not have as many choices (such as when to receive anesthesia.) But, whether C-section or vaginal, you want to make your birth experience as personal and memorable as possible.

Plan what to take to the hospital

What you take to the hospital when you give birth is very important. You need things for yourself and also for your baby. 

Some of the items you’ll need may include:

For the baby, having a car seat is required. Also, make sure to bring either an infant sleeper with legs or a T-shirt and a diaper to wear home, as kimono or sack-style sleepers won’t fit well in a car seat.

If you have questions about delivery, Dr. Patterson is always happy to answer them. Contact him by calling our office in Coral Springs, Florida, or by scheduling an appointment online.




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