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Considering Getting Pregnant? Things You Should Know

If you are considering getting pregnant, make sure you're doing these 3 things to heighten the possibility of conception and a viable, healthy pregnancy for you and for your baby. 

#1 If you have insurance coverage, make sure your insurance covers pregnancy, maternity care and childcare to keep out-of-pocket costs as low as possible. Also, make sure that the OB-GYN that you already see or the OB-GYN that you plan to go see is in-network with that insurance to heighten the probability of lower overall costs. 
#2 If you have any pre-existing conditions or medical problems that haven't been diagnosed or treated, see your doctor to be diagnosed and treated or at least recognized and treated before you become pregnant. It is also important to make sure your husband, partner or significant other gets treated for any potential health issues because if he or she is sick while you are pregnant or when you deliver, that will affect you and your new child. 
#3 Make sure you are already taking Prenatal Vitamins and extra Folic Acid ( which helps prevent Neural tube defects) while you are trying to conceive, so as soon as you become pregnant, you are already on those 2 important vitamins.  If you are taking medication for one or more chronic conditions, make sure you have already been prescribed a medicine that works for your condition AND that is safe during pregnancy! 

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